A Rare Opportunity to Own a Piece of DesignerInc

Have you ever seen a product and couldn’t believe no one had thought of it yet? Or maybe you wished you had thought of it first or at least been in on the deal? We actually heard some of that feedback when we first demoed DesignerInc to the design community last fall at High Point Market. And it was then that a few designers expressed that they wished they could invest in the company.

Fast forward a few months later... DesignerInc is raising capital and we want you to be a part of it. This is a rare chance to own equity in DesignerInc and be part of what we’re building.

What are the details?

We are raising $1,000,000 in capital to fuel our growth. We’re seeking investments from the design industry – namely designers and manufacturers like you who use our platform – because we know that you more than anyone else understands the real pain points in this massive $68.5 billion industry.

We’re limiting the amount of investors to less than 500, so this is a limited opportunity to invest in a company that is already backed by several strategic partners in the design industry.

Why are we seeking investment from our user base versus the traditional Venture Capital route?

A user base of investors can help in ways traditional investors can't. By giving our users the chance to be owners, they become our most passionate evangelists, strategically helping us to grow and improve. In other words, those that we’re building DesignerInc for, will literally have a vested interest in the success of DesignerInc. It’s an important part of our growth strategy.

Why might you want to invest?

If you’re excited about what we’re building, you can now own equity in DesignerInc, something that wasn’t possible before May 16th, 2016. Before then, only the wealthy enjoyed a government-protected monopoly on investing in private startups. Due to 2016 changes in investment regulations, everyone now has the right to invest in companies and ideas they believe in, regardless of their investment accreditation or socioeconomic status.

This capital round is limited to 499 investors due to SEC regulations, and investment minimums are set at $500.

To get the full details of our company and the investment opportunity please go here:


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