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What is Vegan Design?

A vegan or cruelty-free product is one which does not originate from any living creature, is not an animal byproduct and is not tested on animals. In the world of design, a vegan designer offers products, materials and fabrics that do not contain, harm, torture or exploit any conscious living being. acknowledges that all living creatures have emotions, feelings and should not be used for society's idea of luxury.

Did you know?

Consumers are more likely to buy a product that indicates it does not harm animals.


What's more?

In addition, through our partnership we're able to offer the DesignerInc community 10% off their Vegan Design 101 Class. Enter code DESIGNERINC10 when registering for the program and take advantage of this unique and important program.


DesignerInc is proud to be partnered with and we hope you're able to take the time to learn more about their mission to educate and facilitate making ethical choices when sourcing furniture!

BREAKFAST-ROOM Luxury & Cruelty-Free Home by Certified firm, DiMare Design